Thursday, February 09, 2006

Live Free or Die Trying

Well, here we are, one day away from Opening Ceremonies. I'm Jo and I'm competing for the USA Sock Team in the Toe-Up Socks event. I've never knit toe-up socks and had to train thru a bunch of patterns before deciding to wing it and write a pattern as I go. I've been knitting socks cuff-down for a couple of years but this is only the second pair of adult-sized socks I've tried. Knitting under a deadline is a challenge, too. So there are my challenges. Toe-up. Adult-sized. Under a deadline. AND...write the pattern as I go. OK, the pattern writing part isn't that tough, they are only socks, after all. The socks will be for my youngest son who has HUGE feet! He chose the yarn himself and he's very excited to be cheering me on to victory in the Knitting Olympics. I'm off to swatch and warm up my knitting muscles! Please pop over to my blog to read about my Olympic Training and I'll be posting there with photos about my progress.

I look forward to seeing what events my teammates are competing in and getting to know you all. Good luck to all my teammates! We are a small team but we can win big!


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Hi, Jo!

Are we supposed to be able to post to this blog directly? I don't see it showing on my list at Blogger...

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Jo said...

Hi Jenny!

Oh, you certainly can post directly. If you go to your own blog and then through Edit My Profile to Dashboard, you should be ok from there. Blogger can take a little maneuvering!


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