Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knitting Olympics, Day 9: A Change of Focus


Folks, I've given it a good try, but one week after discovering the rookie mistake I made in calculating the scope of my Olympic challenge, I am forced to acknowledge that this Kiri shawl will never be done to my satisfaction (i.e., to an adequate size) in time for the closing ceremonies next weekend.

The mistake I made - thinking that I could estimate how many rows I'd have to knit from the number that the original designer did, even though they used a heavier weight yarn and much larger needles - was a rookie error. No, even a rookie should have seen that laceweight yarn on size 1 Addi's would be hugely different in gauge than a DK-weight yarn on size 7's. Duh.

I had thought I'd go ahead and just make Kiri as big as I could, settling for a smaller shawl if necessary. But the truth is, the pressure of deadlines and Minimum Daily Knitting Requirements is getting to me, and I wouldn't be happy with a shawl I can't wrap adequately around my shoulders.

Rather than completely disassociate myself from the Olympics, however, I have decided to switch my allegiance to Margene's Eddie Along. I will continue to work on Kiri, but I will go ahead and make her the size I want her to be, and I will enjoy the process without requiring myself to knit a minimum portion every day.


I will even allow myself to work on other neglected projects as I desire. And I get to leave the house for casual, non-knitting outings, too! <g>

Already Better

This decision was made this morning. To kick-start the new phase of my reality, Gryphon and I went on an outing today, shopping at local bead and yarn shops, having lunch at a classic diner, and generally enjoying the sunny - if windy - New England day.*

It didn't take long for me to feel more refreshed and relaxed than I have been all week. I couldn't entirely resist taking knitting with me. But it was a neglected sock that was put aside for the Olympics that got the knitterly love, while Kiri sat home cooling her needles.

No Regrets

Other than making that initial mis-calculation, that is. If I'd made a proper estimate, I would have selected a different project for my Olympic challenge. But, although I won't qualify for the gold medal this time, I am glad that I made this attempt. I've been sitting on that laceweight yarn since last August, saying "I'm going to knit a lace shawl, really I am".

And look at me - I'm knitting a lace shawl!

*More about today's outing later this week - there were a few Knitting Around stops!

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