Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day Three

Well, Day One was awful! As soon as the Olympics came on tv at 8PM I was there ready to start...

Cast on my sock stitches and was just busy working away - when I noticed that I was off a stitch - I was supposed to purl a stitch - but, I was on a knit, I checked my count and sure enough I had lost a stitch somewhere...and I couldn't find it to bring it up to the current row.

SO, I ended up ripping out the entire part that I had done - and starting over. By the end of the coverage for Friday night - I had 1-1/2" of ribbing done.

Last night we went to a party - so, I didn't get to knit at all - but, today is another day - and the Olympics come on at 3PM and I will be sitting in front of said TV with knitting needles in hand.


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